Lady Tarin and Roberto Kusterle exhibit together for the first time, starting from a common means of expression, the camera and the predilection for monochrome, engaged in an ideal duel around the body and its forms of manifestation, the central node of artistic research of both.

If Lady Tarin conducts a crude investigation into free and liberated eroticism, where her subjects strip themselves of aesthetic standards and the codes imposed by fashion and society, to show themselves to the eye of the spectator in their essence, Roberto Kusterle sublimates that same nakedness in the expression of a profound change, a mystical communion with nature, where the body becomes an elusive and impalpable matter and an emanation of a dreamed-up eroticism.

Between erotic vitalism and a casket of the unconscious, the result for both artists is the unveiling of the essence of the human being, of a body that becomes a profound identity. A nudity of the soul.